CMS Details

The Certificate in Mining Studies is comprised of three learning modules: lecture time in the form of short courses, individual projects, and on-line learning.

To earn the Certificate in Mining Studies you will need to take a minimum of 9 days of lectures (through the form of short courses and/or live webcasts), complete a project for each short course/live webcast and earn 160 hour of on-line EduMine courses.

You can begin immediately and at any pace. You can register with EduMine today at and start on-line courses prior to taking the short courses.

All qualifying short courses and live webcasts are listed at

Each project and on-line quizzes must have a minimum grade of 60%.

All work is completed remotely except for lectures days which are usually based in Vancouver, BC or when requested, at companies or mine-sites internationally. It is expected that an individual will take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to complete the necessary work depending on time dedicated towards it.

Course Selection

Short Courses

CMS offers a diverse selection of Short Courses in one, two and three day time periods. Topics include:

  • Exploration – Geology – Reserves
  • Geotechnics – Rock Mechanics – Hydrology
  • Environment – Health – Safety
  • Mining Methods – Mine Planning
  • Management – Risk – Financial
  • Mineralogy – Mineral Processing

Corporate Short Courses

A corporation desiring to train 4 or more employees in the same discipline can save costs by having on-location training. This can be on a course-by-course basis or as a package for employees to work towards earning the Certificate.

On-Line Courses

EduMine, a division of InfoMine, is the exclusive provider for all on-line courses counting toward credit for the Certificate in Mining Studies. Individuals can choose from over 80 different courses and 1,100 hours of study to personalize their learning environment. Only 160 hours of on-line courses are required for completion of the Certificate.

On-line courses are divided into streams to aide in categorizing but individuals are not limited to a specific topic area and are encouraged to explore and widen the scope of learning. A particular on-line course may be specified to be completed prior to attending a short course in order to allow for sufficient background and base knowledge before learning in the lecture environment.


Each lecture course will include an assigned project that is graded to assess the ability to apply the knowledge learned to real-life situations. It is to be completed remotely and mailed (electronically) to the instructor within one month after the end of the class. The project will be graded by the instructor on a percentage grade with a minimum grade of 60% required to pass.


UBC’s Continuing Studies sets requirements for grades and requires a minimum of 60% for each project. To receive credit for the 9 days of lectures mandatory attendance at each day of lectures is necessary. EduMine requires an overall average score of 75% for on-line reviews and a minimum score of 60% for each on-line course.


The average time to complete the Certificate is one to two years. Individuals having more time to dedicate can complete it sooner while others may need to take longer due to work or time restrictions. The flexible time-line enables individuals to continue to work full time and go at a pace that is convenient with work, family, health and personal demands.


Costs for the program fall into three categories: Registration/administration fee, short courses, and on-line courses.

An average is $7,000 to $9,000 with details below. All cost are paid as they are incurred and therefore spread across the duration of the completion process.

  • Registration/Administration Fee: $950.00 CAN
  • Short Courses: ~$4,500 – 5,900

Because of the flexible nature of the program, individuals get to choose which courses they would like to take; this does affect the pricing. On average you will be looking at $500-650 dollars per day of short courses. Since you are required to take 9 days of short courses as a minimum, it will be between $4,500 and $5,900 for the short courses.

  • On-line Courses: ~ $2, 400

For the on-line courses once again there is a flexibility to choose; it is approximately $12.50 per hour of on-line work. To complete 160 hours of on-line work it is about $1,920. There is a $20 activation fee and a monthly fee of $38.50 for access to the on-line service.

There are Corporate rates, discounts for various memberships and group rates. For more information visit EduMine’s web-site at


UBC Continuing Studies will issue a Certificate of completion once all criteria have been met.