UBC wins first place at the 27th annual Canadian Mining Games

Scoresheet: 2017_CMG_Results

UBC Mining Games

As many of you may have heard, last weekend was the 27th Canadian Mining Games hosted at the University of Toronto. Our UBC Team was excited coming off our win at last year’s Mining Games, even though a majority of our team graduated.

And we are excited to announce that despite a young and new team, we were able to beat UofT on their home ground and take home 1st Place Overall!

We wanted to send this email to say THANK YOU! It is because of the time and effort you put into designing our courses, helping us study, and giving us time to attend these events that gave us the top spot. Some of you even gave our members extra tutorials and answered last minute emails. Most of the topics we addressed were from topics we learnt in class, whether it was a economic analysis or rock mechanics question, we were prepared.

If you would like to see more detail about any competition or our submissions, let us know. We’d be happy to send on our work.

Our Podium Finishes include:

· 3rd in Mineral ID by Callum Williamson

· 2nd in Mystery Event #1 by Marko Pudar and Alexa Dumaine

· 3rd in Stock Market Challenge by Jacob Yeung

· 1st in Equipment Handling by Darcy Sepkowski and Douglas Kao

· 2nd in Sustainable Development by Koen Dunieveld and Elaine Baluyut

· 2nd in Speech Competition by Veronica Knott

· 3rd in Ventilation by Alexa Dumaine and Cathy Lu

· 1st in Mine to Mill Innovation by Veronica Knott and Jacob Yeung

· 1st in Crisis Management by Adrian Heieis and Veronica Knott

· 3rd in Health and Safety by Dylan Kiselbach and Elaine Baluyut

A special mention should go to our Mine Design team who placed in 4th despite being given a deposit only feasible through block caving and being told block caving was not allowed due to UBC being the only school who learns how. In 8 hours, they produced a top quality report. Congratulations to Adrian Heieis, Brandon Johnson, Marcel Tomkulak, and Satish Stefánsson.

The full ranking of schools is:

1st: University of British Columbia: 647 Points

2nd: University of Toronto: 638 Points

3rd (Tie): Laval University & University of Alberta: 599 Points

5th: University of Saskatchewan: 573 Points

6th (Tie): École Polytechnique & Dalhousie University: 566 Points

8th: Laurentian University: 542 Points

9th: Queen’s University: 535 Points

10th: McGill University: 439 Points

The Team Roster:

4th Year

Cathy Lu

Adrian Heieis

Douglas Kao

Dylan Kiselbach

Koen Dunieveld

3rd Year

Brandon Johnson

Marko Pudar

Marcel Tomkulak

Trevor Bradley

Jacob Yeung

Darcy Sepkowski

Veronica Knott

Alexa Dumaine

2nd Year

Satish Stefánsson

Callum Williamson

Elaine Baluyut

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