Become a Mining Engineer. A global citizen.

A Global Citizen

The Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering is one of the most active Engineering schools in the world.

Graduates of our Program go on to lead exciting careers that are both meaningful and rewarding.

Being a mining engineer is about a lot more than rocks, minerals, and hard hats. The opportunities are many and varied.

Graduates of our Program go on to lead exciting careers that are both meaningful and rewarding.

The opportunities are many and varied.

NBK Undergraduate Brochure

View the NBK Undergraduate Brochure

Courses and Undergraduate Advising:

For questions, please contact the Undergrad Advisor for Mining (Dr. Davide Elmo) at delmo@mining.ubc.ca
Important things to know:

  • See the UBC Calendar for the official Courses for UBC Mining Engineering.
  • Please refer to the MINE Academic Planning Form (XLSX) and Courses Road Map (PDF) to track your completed courses.
  • Please note the Undergrad Advisor for Mining can only register you in MINE courses. For all other courses (e.g. ELEC, CIVL, etc..) please contact the relevant department (contact ESS for APSC courses).
  • The Mining department cannot change a student’s standings; you will have to contact ESS if you feel your current standing is not correct.
  • To be registered in courses with conflicting schedules, please complete and return to ESS a conflict form signed by the instructors of those courses (please note that instructors are not obliged to sign a conflict form, and they may add specific instructions on how to address the course conflict. More importantly, a signed conflict form does not constitute a waiver for not completing assignments/midterms/exams and not attending lab sessions when required).
  • Students registered in courses without having completed the pre-requisites (e.g. STT registration may sometimes waive pre-requisites, or students may sometimes be granted registration in courses even if they do not have the pre-requisites) are responsible to read and learn the content of the material included in the pre-requisite courses. Please consult online the UBC – Course Schedule to make sure you know which are the pre-requisites for the courses you are taking.
  • Technical elective courses must be 300, 400 or 500 Level courses taught within the Applied Science faculty, with the exception of few approved EOSC and GEOG courses (please refer to the MINE Academic Planning Form, XLSX file).
  • APSC486 New Venture Design and online courses offered at TRU cannot be used as technical elective courses toward your degree in Mining Engineering at UBC.
  • MINE406, MINE420, MINE485 and MINE497E are valid technical electives (even if they do not appear on degree navigator for now).
  • Starting with students being placed in 2nd Year Mining in 2018W, new students cannot use COMM courses (e.g. COMM329, COMM457, etc..), APSC440, APSC512, and APSC541 as technical electives (this voids any confirmation you may see on degree navigator, since courses information on degree navigator may not be up-to-date). For existing students (placed into 2nd Year Mining in 2017W and now in 3rd Year), please consult with the Undergrad Advisor for Mining to confirm you can use those courses as valid tech electives. These new rules do not apply to existing students graduating before December 31st, 2019.

Guidelines for Examinations

The Mining Department has introduced a new set of guidelines to:

  • Ensure consistent practices for managing and scheduling examinations across the Mining Engineering Department; and
  • Establish the methods by which students can request academic concessions.

Where can I find the document?

The complete document is available here

  • The document includes UBC Policies and material posted online on various UBC webpages (links are provided in the document). It is important that you become familiar with all the material as it explains the way examinations are managed at UBC.
  • Spend some time to read the document, as it contains very important information to help students should they need to seek academic concessions (time is of the essence when seeking academic concessions).


  • All undergraduate level credit-bearing MINE-courses for which the instructors did not provide the students (within the first week of class, in paper or digital format) with specific guidelines for In-Term Examinations and regular weekly or bi-weekly tests or practices in laboratories.


  • Instructors outside of the Mining Department may use their own guidelines for In-Term Examinations and regular weekly or bi-weekly tests or practices in laboratories.
  • The document was prepared in August 2018 and all external links were active at the time of writing. It is the responsibility of students to check that all external links are still active at the time of reading the document. No responsibility is accepted for the cancellation or discontinuance of any of the external links or any of the information included in this document.

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid:

We strongly believe in supporting our students in achieving their academic goals. A list of undergraduate awards can be found at:

Mining Awards 2018

In addition to the Awards stated above students in their final year of their Undergraduate Degree are also eligible for the Howard A. Steane Memorial Award

Co-op Program

The program consists of two 8-month and one 4-month work terms requiring 5 years to complete instead of the conventional 4 years.

About half our students participate in the Co-Op Program. The Co-Op Office places students in mining engineering-type jobs with companies around the world.

If you would like more information or have a job for a student, please visit: www.ubcengineeringcoop.com

UBC Mining Teams

The UBC Underground Mine Rescue Team (the Team) is made up of undergraduate students from the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering.
These dedicated individuals have committed much personal time and effort to learning, executing, and upholding the utmost safety standards. learn more about the UBC Underground Mine Rescue Team, please visit the website by clicking on the image below:

The Canadian Mining Games are an annual academic and technical competition between students from the ten major Mining Engineering programs across Canada. Each year, the top students from these schools compete in twenty-five competitions over three busy days. UBC has had a strong performance in recent years at the games, winning both the 2016 games in Vancouver as well as the 2017 games in Toronto. To learn more about the UBC Mining Games Team, please visit the website by clicking on the image below:

Field Trips

Every year the 4th Year graduating class plans and fund-raises for a field trip to a mining region overseas. These trips can be summed up in one word: AMAZING!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for many students these trips are probably one of the best experiences of their lives.

Year   Location & Report (PDF)
2018 Peru (Blog)
2017 South Africa and Botswana (Blog)
2016 Chile (Blog)
2015 Greece (Blog)
2014 Poland (Blog)
2013 Indonesia (Blog)
2012 Turkey (Blog)
2011 Brazil
2010 Portugal and Spain
2009 Australia
2008 Chile 1, 2, 3, 4
2007 China 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2006 Poland Field Trip
2005 Brazil