Nadja Kunz Featured in Article

B.C.’s dependency on mining is set to increase in the future, creating a moral dilemma. The need to continue increasingthe output of the mining sector for different materials, clashes with protecting the environment and culture of the areas where the materials are mined. Three associate professors from different schools within the university will come together for the lecture Do We Have a Moral Duty to Protect the Environment? It’s Complicated! on Feb. 6 at the Coach House, Green College on the UBC Campus. Emily Huddart Kennedy (School of Sociology), Fionn Byrne (School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) and Nadja Kunz (School of Public Policy
and Global Affairs and Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining and Engineering) will discuss their perspectives on cases of contrasting morality as it relates to environmental protection from their areas of expertise.

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