A mining business model to capture value for all stakeholders – Jocelyn Fraser


Producing value for all stakeholders in a mining project, such as shareholders, government, and community, is an ambitious and sometimes complex undertaking. One approach to the problem is to re-examine the way a mining company creates and distributes value, that is the company’s business model. Shared value, in which economic activities associated with a mining operation benefit both the mining company and the community, is one promising innovation of the standard mining business model, but it must be carefully managed and organized.

Dr. Jocelyn Fraser, a post-doctoral fellow with the Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, focuses on exploring practical applications of the shared value theory in the mining sector. Her latest case study examines the approach used by Lundin Gold and the Lundin Foundation at the Fruta del Norte mine in Ecuador. Aside from the challenge of identifying suitable and feasible shared value initiatives, it was found that business model innovation was essential to success.

Please click link to read the report – Lundin Foundation Business Model Case Study FINAL