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Return to Campus/Research Requirements

The department is preparing to return to campus.  In the early part of the summer the Local Safety Team developed Building Safety Plans for the Forward and CMP Buildings.  We are now preparing to move to phase 2 of return to campus.  Additional facilities will be opened.  We have created an intermediate plan for the department to explain the changes for phase 2 and the protocols for accessing the facilities.  All returning to campus will need to review the intermediate plan. Research Supervisors, Teaching Faculty and Instructors are amending Lab Safety Plans to include additional personnel and/or additional purpose (instructional purpose).  They also have the option to create new plans called “Child Plans”.  Low risk Child Plans can be reviewed by the LST Co-Chair and approved at by department head.  Each person (student, staff and faculty) approved by the research/teaching supervisor will need to complete the following:

  • Review the Mining Intermediate Plan V7 Final
  • Review the FF or CMP Building Safety Plans
  • Review the Lab safety Plan for the lab(s) you will be using
  • Complete the SRS Online COVID-19 Safety Course on Canvas and upload to Canvas.  Self-enrol:
  • View/Join orientation session for the building you will using.
  • Complete and upload to Canvas the Return to Campus Activity (RCA Commitment Form) for the building you will be working in.  (If both buildings then both forms required)

RCA Commitment Form- Mining Forward Buildingr2

RCA Commitment Form- Mining CMP Buildingr2

Building Check-In and Check-Out Procedure

On a daily basis everyone entering and then leaving the building for any reason and for any length of time is required to complete a check-in AND check-out.  The building check-in/ check-out is just about numbers tracking so that we don’t exceed our buildings’ max occupancy.

Researchers who will be entering labs and will be there for significant times are the ones for whom there is the greatest probability of number of contacts and duration of contact.  On a daily basis, they will be required to complete a daily health self-assessment based on the questions of the weekly health assessment form.

On a weekly basis, they will need to complete the Health Assessment form, assessing their health and exposure to COVID-19:

Health Assessment Form

The weekly assessment should be completed on Sunday and sent to their research supervisor and the LST Co-Chair, Carmen Jensen (  This will ensure that their building card access is activated for the upcoming week.

Compliance Monitoring

Each PI will be required to appoint someone from the research team to check for daily compliance with the lab safety plan. The sheet will be posted in the lab area and sent to PI’s on a daily basis: