MEng students have the option to apply for the UBC Engineering Coop Program. The UBC Engineering CO-OP Program will provide workshops on resume and cover letter development as well as the opportunity to learn about interviewing through mock interviews. Once students have successfully completed the workshops they are eligible to apply for four, eight or twelve month co-op internships. The process for applying is just like applying for a job outside of the university. Students will gain experience in business communication, writing cover letters and resumes as well as interviewing. They will also learn valuable job search tools and the value of their own network for finding opportunities. If they are successful in securing an internship, the internship can provide students an opportunity gain mining related paid work experience.

Students can work with mining companies in a variety of capacities, from the office, to the lab, to the mine. Work locations are all over Canada. Salaries generally range from $2,500 to $7,000 a month.

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