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Intellectually challenging, global in scope, and interdisciplinary in content.

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The Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering offers excellent courses and conducts cutting-edge research across a spectrum of disciplines related to the mining industry.

Our graduate students come from across the globe and exhibit diverse backgrounds; civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, material sciences, as well as disciplines such as geology and commerce are all represented.

Graduate students at UBC can expect to work with leading scientists in state-of-the-art facilities and at international field sites.

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Our programs attract mining professionals from all corners of the world.

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Master of Engineering Degree

The NBK Institute offers an innovative Master of Engineering Program in Mining Engineering, providing a world-class professional development program akin to an MBA.

It is designed for professionals and engineering graduates eager to upgrade skills to build a strong foundation for a successful, exciting career in the global mining industry.

The purpose of a MEng degree is to increase a student’s skills and knowledge in a particular aspect of mining or mineral processing.

This program has similar admission requirements to our MASc and offers the same courses — but instead of a thesis, students are expected to take additional courses.

Since the MEng is a technical degree, students must have an undergraduate degree in a mining-related discipline in engineering or science.

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Degree Information

Join the academic community of one of the world’s leading mining schools. We are one of a few mining schools in Canada with facilities and expertise in Mining, Mineral Processing, Rock Mechanics, Social License, Mine Economics and Environmental Sustainability.

Enrol in a Master of Engineering Degree at a top-ranked university and in one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world.

Our cohort-based, professional Master of Engineering Degree is a course-based masters which allows students to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Mining Geotechnics
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mine Environment
  • Mine Economics and Finance
  • Mine Waste Management

The program attracts mining professionals from all corners of the world and creates a diverse network of mining expertise. Students benefit from the academic content as well as the international professional experience each student brings to the program. It includes at least 30 credits of course work with the option to complete a coop work term. The program takes up to 2 years to complete.

Here is the List of courses for each specialization: Program of Studies Worksheet 2022

The Master of Engineering in Mining Engineering (M.Eng) is an intensive study program designed for professionals and engineering graduates eager to upgrade their skills in order to build a solid base for a career in the global mining industry — take advantage of our institute’s strong sense of community and close industrial support.

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor of Applied Science or Engineering Degree. Acceptable disciplines include:
      • Mining.
      • Mineral Processing.
      • Geological Engineering.
      • Civil.
      • Mechanical.
      • Materials.
      • Environmental.
      • Chemical Engineering.
  • A Bachelor of Science Degree. Acceptable disciplines included:
      • Geoscience.
      • Environmental.
      • Chemistry.

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MASc & PhD

Master of Applied Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

These research-oriented degrees are intended for students who wish to involve themselves in advancing state-of-the-art practices in a wide range of mining, processing, environmental, and social sciences.

Both degrees allow students to engage in innovative and dynamic research areas shaping the mining industry today.

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Degree Information

Typically, MASc students complete their degree in 2 years. The degree requires 30 credits consisting of 18 credits of course work and a 12-credit thesis.

The PhD degree is usually completed in 4 years. All doctoral students are required to successfully complete a comprehensive examination. The major requirement is the completion of a research thesis that meets the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements.

Each MASc and PhD student must secure the support of a faculty member to advise them during their studies. A written thesis describing original research is required, whereupon completion, candidates perform an oral defence of their work.

Research Activities

research activities

The NBK Institute is a global leader in multidisciplinary research, covering the areas of mining and sustainability, mining and communities, and mining and aboriginal engagement.

This fosters the development of effective and ethical leadership, teamwork, networking and interpersonal skills that are the hallmark of a global mining professional.

Research area activities for degree students include:

  • Mine ventilation and mine services
  • Simulation and optimization
  • Mining operations research
  • Rock mechanics and geotechnics
  • Mine valuation and production economics
Mineral Processing
  • Process control, modelling
  • Simulation and optimization
  • Fine particle technology
  • Surface chemistry of flotation
  • Plant design and economics
  • Coal preparation technology
Socio-economic aspects and sustainability
  • Mine waste management
  • Environmental aspects of mining

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