Graduate Student Resources

This page has the resources available for currently registered MASC, PHD and MENG Students.

All Graduate Students

MASC and PHD Forms

MENG Student Forms

All Graduate Students

Safety Training

All graduate students are required to join our Canvas MINE SAFETY ONLINE WORKSHOP and complete and provide a record of safety training

There is also a safety page with some commonly used resources.

Graduate Student Seminar

All graduate students (MENG, MASC and PHD) are required to self-enrol in the Canvas Course MINE 598/698 Seminar-  Self-Enrol here.

All research grad student (MASC and PHD only) are required to maintain continuous registration in the grad seminar through the SSC.  Masters students should register MINE 598.  PHD students should register MINE 698.

MENG Students should only register in the course (MINE 598) when they plan to present.  Seminar is not required for MENG Students.

MASC and PHD Forms

The Master of Applied Science (MASc) and PHD Programs are  administered by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS).  The academic forms are available on website under forms.   You will find the forms for:

  • Change of Registration
  • Change of Program Start Date
  • Leave of absence
  • and many more!

Research graduate students are required to consult with their supervisor and get approval for the courses they plan to take.  Download a list of suggested courses here: List of Courses for Grad students 2023W

Departmental Forms

Application for Desk Space

MENG Forms

The Master of Engineering Program (MENG) is administered by the Faculty of Applied Science.  The academic forms for the MENG program are provided here.  If you are a research graduate student (MASC or PHD) please go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Website for forms.


Program of Studies Worksheet 2023b

Change of Program Start Date/ Defer Admission.

PDF  or Word

Change of Registration/ Add, Drop Audit

PDF or  Word

Leave of Absence

PDF or  Word