Malcolm Scoble

Malcolm Scoble

Professor Emeriti

Surface and underground mine design and planning: Mine-mill integration: Occupational health and safety: Sustainable mining: Mining with communities


Nottingham University, 1981, Ph.D., Mining Engineering
Leicester University, 1970, M.Sc., Mining Geology
Camborne School of Mines, 1966, ACSM Mining Engineering


While working for the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company (HBM+S) in Canada Malcolm was involved in the formation of the company’s first computer group. He was trained by IBM as a systems analyst, and started to apply himself to developing mainframe computer applications for the mines.

He was Director of the Mining Engineering Program at McGill University in Montreal for 9 years, and holder of the endowed Webster Chair in Mining Engineering from 1990 through 1997. He was associated with the establishment of the Cooperative Program in Mining Engineering (the first Co-op degree at McGill). Over the years at McGill, much of his mining automation research efforts were expended in collaboration with Inco Ltd. and Laurentian University in Sudbury. In 1996, he was appointed Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering at Laurentian University in Sudbury. He also acted as Director and Secretary-Treasurer of McGill’s Small Mining International (SMI), a non-profit organization serving artisanal mining in developing countries.

His teaching is in mining technology, feasibility studies and surface mining, and he has become involved as the Program Leader of an application to the Federal government for the establishment of a national Network for Sustainable Mining. He is a professional engineer in the province of British Columbia and a chartered engineer in the European Economic Community. He is a firm supporter of our industry associations, particularly the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, as well as the Mining Association of British Columbia.

Research Interests

  • Surface and Underground Mining Science and Technology
  • Surface Mining Technologies (diggability, rock fragmentation, machine monitoring)
  • Underground Mining Technologies
  • Mine Automation systems development
  • Mining and Sustainability

Contact Information

Office: FWD 508C


Phone: 604 822 8897


Stefanko Best Paper Award, 1991

Distinguished Lecturer Award, 1996

Fellowship Award of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 1994

Inaugural Gold Medal for distinguished service, 2012

Teaching and Teaching experience

Courses taught at Nottingham University, McGill University and UBC have related to: Introduction to Mining Engineering; Rock Fragmentation; Drilling and Blasting; Slope Stability; Surface and Underground Mine Design and Planning; Block Caving.

MINE 291 Introduction to Mining Engineering

MINE 506 Underground Mining Methods

Selected Publications

  • Ahmed, H., Scoble, M. and W.S. Dunbar, 2016. A comparison between Offset Herringbone and El Teniente underground cave mining extraction layouts using a discrete event simulation technique. Int. Jl. Mining, Reclamation and Environment, Taylor and Francis, 30: 2, pp 71-91.
  • Nadolski, S., Klein, B., Elmo, D. and M. Scoble, 2015. Cave-to-Mill: a Mine-Mill approach for block cave mines. Mining Technology, Trans. Inst. Materials, Minerals and Mining, Maney Publ., Vol. 124, 1, pp. 47-55.
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