Master of Engineering

Orientation Program

Master of Engineering students at the NBK Institute of Mining Engineering have a specially tailored orientation program to provide a wide-ranging overview and introduction to Canada’s mining industry, UBC and Vancouver.

In the months of June and July, prior to arrival, students will complete several online courses hosted by our partner, EduMine. Upon arrival in early August, students have an orientation session at the Institute, a tour of the UBC campus, and a welcome lunch.

Over the next few weeks, students also take several short courses with NBK Institute faculty members, in addition to meeting with safety representatives and UBC’s Engineering Co-op Office. Students will tour select attractions in Vancouver and visit the head offices of Vancouver-based mining companies. After learning about mine closure and acid rock drainage, students visit the BC Museum of Mining and EPCOR Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant Discovery Centre. At the end of the orientation period, students undertake an extensive field trip to several major BC mining operations, followed by an industry networking night.

In early September, students are required to make a presentation and produce a report on a mine or mining company to demonstrate a solid understanding of basic mining principles. Three graduate level credits are given for the academic portion of the orientation.

From September until April MEng students participate in academic conferences, industrial lunches and dinners and field trips. At the end of Term 2, MEng students undertake a major field trip to more distant Canadian mines.

Mines visited in past field trips include:

All fees and transportation costs are covered by the MEng Activity Fee. During field trips all accommodation, food and transportation costs are covered.

Activity Fee Rates:

All Students – $7000
Domestic Students – $3500 (Includes August Portion Only)

The Orientation Program is optional for students with UBC mining engineering degrees.