Bern Klein

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From 1990 to 1998 I worked as a design engineering on about 300 metallurgical studies aimed at designing processes for base metal, precious metal and industrial mineral projects. The studies were directed at designing processes involving comminution, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, flotation, tank and heap leaching for base and precious metals, solid-liquid separation and effluent treatment. The studies were conducted for a range of companies from junior exploration to international mining companies for mineral prospects around the world.

In November 1997, I joined the Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I taught courses to in Comminution and Size Classification, Processing of Precious Metal Ores, Mineral Process Design and Rheology of Mineral Suspensions. In 1999, I lead efforts to create the Centre for Industrial Minerals Innovations with support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. From 1999 to 2008 I served as Graduate Advisor for the Mining Department and from 2008 to 2014, I served as Department Head. In 2013, I lead a UBC proposal to create the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute and served as Acting Executive Director to launch the institute from September 2013- April 2014.

My research is focused on technology and innovation for improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint in mining. The research lead to the creation of a technology startup company called Mine Sense Technologies Ltd that has developed novel sensor based sorting systems for the mining industry.


  • Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Transactions, Best Paper Award, 2008
  • Canadian Institute of Mining Distinguished Lecturer Award, 2011
  • CEEC Medal, Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution, Best Paper, 2013
  • CEEC Medal, Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution, Best Paper, 2016


  • University of British Columbia, 1992, PhD Mineral Process Engineering
  • University of British Columbia, 1985, BASc Mining and Mineral Process Engineering


  • MINE 292 Introduction to Mineral Processing
  • MINE 331 Mineral Processing Unit Operations
  • MINE 434 Processing of Precious Metal Ores
  • MINE 579 Rheology of Mineral Suspensions
  • MINE 557 Integrated Mining and Processing Systems

Selected Publications

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  • Klein, B., Energy (2011) Efficiency in Mineral Processing, Canadian Institute of Mining, Distinguished Lecturer Award, 2011