Graduate Certificate in Global Mine Waste Management


Gain knowledge and skills you need to optimally design, evaluate, and manage mine waste projects.

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The Graduate Certificate in Global Mine Waste Management is a unique program for mining industry professionals who want to stay up to date with the latest developments in tailings and mine waste management.

Recent high-profile failures of tailings ponds in British Columbia and Brazil underline the vital importance of understanding and implementing best practices in this field.

From day one, this part-time certificate enables you to learn from industry leaders and apply the knowledge you’re gaining in your courses to your workplace and mine sites.

A flexible two-year remote learning program that integrates with your work

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The graduate certificate program consists of four core courses taken over two consecutive years. Each four-month course includes a two-week synchronous session. One of the two synchronous sessions will be in Vancouver and include a two or three days at a local mining operation.

The synchronous sessions bring together industry professionals from across the globe – enabling you to network with your peers and learn best practices from all mining sectors.

The course sessions are offered in an asynchronous online learning environment and are designed so you can continue working full-time while studying. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies and your career – and to immediately begin applying what you’re learning in class to your work as a mining professional.

The combination of condensed synchronous sessions and asynchronous online learning also enables professionals working in remote mining operations to pursue graduate coursework in mining engineering.

Ladder into an MASc or MEng

Want to continue your post-graduate studies after completing the certificate? You can apply the credits you’ve acquired through this certificate program to a Master of Engineering or Master of Applied Science degree in mining engineering at UBC.

“Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it.” Tenaya Brown

Tenaya Brown is a recent grad from the program.  Read his full testimonial here.