Characterization and Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from East Kootenay Coalfields – REE BC Coal Project

The Need The rare earth elements are a group of 17 similar metals often found and mined together. They play a critical role in everyday electronic components such as batteries and magnets, renewable energy generation and in defense-related technologies. Traditional rare earth deposits are becoming depleted and are projected to only meet the demand for […]
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CIM Back to school sale! 50% off Use promo code BACKTOSCHOOL from august 26th to september 9th to join or renew for $10
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In conversation with Janusz Laskowski

first met Prof. Janusz Laskowski at the 1988 IMPC in Stockholm, and have caught up with him at every IMPC, apart from Moscow, since then, as well as occasional SMEs, and at MEI’s flotation conferences; he was a keynote speaker at Flotation ’15 in Cape Town. Janusz is Professor Emeritus of mineral processing at the […]
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Carlos da Costa is the recipient of an SFU teaching award!

On behalf of the Teaching and Awards Committee at Simon Fraser University, we proudly feature Carlos da Costa in the Teaching Honour Roll for 2018-19, representing the top 10% of teaching evaluations by students in pre-business, and small and large undergraduate and graduate business courses, corrected for small sample sizes. Faculty members have been recognized […]
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Brazil To Deploy Smart Sensors To Monitor Water Levels At Deadly Mining Dams

The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais – the site of two recent disastrous tailings dams disasters – has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with technology firm Inmarsat providing to provide smart monitoring for the dams. Inmarsat and the Brazilian state will explore several options to “achieve improved awareness and transparency of the tailings dams in […]
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Precious Resources

A new program for Tahltan First Nation youth seeks to involve them in the sustainable development of their ancestral land. In August 2014, the tailings pond at the Mount Polley mine site failed, spilling millions of litres of highly polluted mining waste into Polley Lake and raising the level by 1.5 metres. The slurry continued […]
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UBC Students Featured as rising stars on the APSC newsletter

Jakob Gattinger – Kwan Fung – Nathan Skubovius – Veronica Knott – Plus our Sessional Instructor Carlos da Costa is mentioned in the article – FEATURE: Mining for Millennials
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CIM Institutional Innovation

Over the last five years, the department of engineering at the University of British Columbia has been hiring young professors and researchers who specialize in new technologies. “We have Ilija Miskovic, who is heavily into big data and artificial intelligence, Sanja Miskovic, who uses data to help take mineral processing to the next stage, and […]
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Mining jobs grow for women, Indigenous people

Veronica Knott grew up with no concept of mining. “We lived in downtown Toronto,” the 25-year-old says. “I could not be further from the mining industry.” That changed in 2015 when, intrigued by what she heard from students and faculty, she switched from materials engineering to mining at the University of British Columbia. This spring […]
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UBC Mining Places 1st at Move Mining Competition

The Mine2Me UBC team won First place at the annual Move Mining Competition at SME. Move Mining is an annual competition hosted by SME + MEC where the goal is to change the public perception of mining. Competitors from all over the world can submit a short concept video describing their idea, and only five […]
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Influential QS World University Rankings put UBC in top 10 for four subject areas

The University of British Columbia is among a handful of global institutions to rank in the top 50 in 41 of 48 subjects tracked, according to the QS World University Rankings. UBC also ranks among the top 10 universities in the world in four different subjects amongst over 1,200 international universities. “UBC’s performance in this […]
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UBC women’s team won the Mine Rescue Competition in the USA

Placings for UBC: First Overall: UBC Women’s First Aid: First: UBC Women’s Second: UBC Men’s Technician: Second: UBC Women’s (tie w/ one other team) Third: UBC Men’s (tie w/ two other teams) Underground and Incident Command: Second: UBC Women’s Third: UBC Men’s Formed in 2011 by students wishing to actively promote and contribute to industry […]
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Partnership with Maptek to Provide Software to Students

Professor Arduini of the Mining Engineering Department recently invited Maptek to give a guest lecture to fourth year students working on capstone projects. Following a one-day introductory training course given at the university earlier this year, Maptek was asked to present on more advanced Maptek Vulcan topics. Rather than presenting a formal lecture, Maptek Vancouver-based […]
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The Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering will be at the Roundup Conference.

Find us at the BRIMM Booth in the Innovation Hub on Tuesday, January 29. Carmen Jensen will be available to talk about the new Graduate Certificate in Mine Waste Management.
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The Surprising Source of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals

What goes into an Olympic medal? A digital picture of a nine-year old girl smiling by a pool after she won her first regional tournament. That late-night chat with Sebastian, the basketball coach, to schedule the next day’s training. Multiple alarms at 4:15, 4:20, 4:25… so the snooze button will not prevent a young surfer […]
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Mining mentorship programs abound but don’t solve industry’s retention challenge

When Stephanie Saliba was in her second year of McGill University’s mining engineering co-op program, she joined the Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering (POWE) group to help mentor first-year engineering students. While she says she joined the group in part because of the connections it offered, Saliba knows first-hand the benefits of having a […]
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UBC Students Robert Fuerderer, Naman Shah, Emma Dodds, and John Wei won 1st place at the World Mining Competition

UBC Students Robert Fuerderer, Naman Shah, Emma Dodds, and John Wei won 1st place at the World Mining Competition in Saskatoon, Canada. The World Mining Competition is the largest multidisciplinary mining undergraduate case competition in Canada that strives to provide a world-class case. It allows competitors to demonstrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills to […]
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