Ultra-efficient, Renewable and Decarbonized Mine Energy Systems

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Dr. Madiseh’s current research focuses mainly on the development of ultra-efficient, renewable and decarbonized mine energy systems. Following a multi-disciplinary approach his research team works on a wide range of projects that will help mining operations with improving energy efficiency, increasing the penetration of renewables in their operations and decreasing (or removing) their carbon emissions. Covering a broad scope these projects are all related to mine energy systems; ranging from the design of integrated hydrogen-renewable energy systems (for tri-generation of zero-carbon electricity, haulage and thermal power), or developing efficient microwave-assisted rock/ore fragmentation systems, or use of geothermal energy for on-site heating/cooling, or sequestration of mine carbon emissions in its tailings.

Example of hydrogen-renewable energy systems proposed for tri-generation of zero-carbon electricity, haulage and thermal power.

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